Day 1 (April 13): Bird Watch                                                   
                                                                                           Day 2 (April 14): Four-Legged Friends
What is NCRC's Spring Forth? It's not a race or mileage challenge. We don't care how fast or slow you are or whether you run or walk. For this event, you're likely to walk. You could probably take the photos all within a park. It's not a photo competition but a photo-sharing challenge. It's similar to a scavenger hunt. You get a list of things to find while you're outdoors. The unique aspect of this event is to take photos of what you find and share them with everyone on the event website. You'll get to see what other people find on their outdoor excursions. We're based in Raleigh, but you can participate from anywhere.

Why do we have to register? First of all, this is a fundraiser. We're raising money for two nonprofit groups: Girls on the Run of the Triangle and the City of Oaks Foundation. All proceeds from the registration fees will be split equally between the two groups. Participants also can choose to donate more to one or both of the groups. Secondly, we require registration for participation in the challenge. Anyone can view the photos, but only registered participants can post them. Participants can register as a couple or team, but we need a team leader's contact information and only that person can post photos. As an incentive for participating and meeting the challenge, we will have drawings for prizes at the end of the event. Registration ends at 11:59 p.m. April 13.

Day 3 (April 15): Greenway or Marked Trail                                         Day 4 (April 16): Leafy Treasures

After registering, what's next? Nothing officially happens for participants until April 13. This year, participants will be able to register on the first day of the event. We suggest deciding beforehand which categories you want to choose, or if you want to try all of them. You don't have to wait until the event week to take your photos. However, we ask that you post your photos to the website during the week of April 13-20. You have one mandatory category and can choose from six of the other nine for the seven categories required to qualify for the prize drawing.

Day 5 (April 17): Nature's Alphabet                                                          Day 6 (April 18): Outdoor Art 

Any limitations on the photos? Mainly just be original, venture beyond your residence, take all of them outdoors, and fit the categories (with wide latitude). They don't have to be taken during a single outing. You can submit as many photos as you'd like, but you are only required to submit one photo per category and one category per photo (seven different photos). The idea is to use smartphone cameras and to take snapshots, not high-resolution photos. We reserve the right to disqualify and remove any offensive photos or any that are copyrighted, have been taken by someone other than the participant or someone on a team with the participant, or involve an invasion of privacy or trespassing. Photos that don't fit the categories or the event rules will also be removed and disqualified.

What are the categories? The one mandatory category is Sign of Spring. Primarily, this includes flowers, but it could be pollen, plantings, or anything else that brings spring to mind (where you happen to live). The other main category (not mandatory) is Public Park. The other eight categories include Bird Watch (no backyard feeder photos allowed), Four-Legged Friends (must be outdoors), Greenway or Marked Trail, Leafy Treasures, Nature's Alphabet (a letter you see etched by nature, such as a V, Y, or S), Outdoor Art, Two or More of Us (must be outdoors), and Water Wonders. The photos on this page are just samples. Your photos will likely look much different!

Day 7 (April 19): Two or More of Us                                                         Day 8 (April 20): Water Wonders
What is the event week schedule? 
Each day will feature a different category. Two categories, Sign of Spring and Public Park, can be posted on any of the eight days. The other eight galleries will open for posting on designated days: April 13: Bird Watch; April 14: Four-Legged Friends; April 15: Greenway or Marked Trail; April 16: Leafy Treasures; April 17: Nature's Alphabet; April 18: Outdoor Art; April 19: Two or More of Us; and April 20: Water Wonders
Should people be in the photos? Certainly for Two or More of Us. For the others, they don't have to be, but you can post selfies and/or photos with your friends and loved ones. 
Any day (April 13-20): Sign of Spring (mandatory)                            Any day (April 13-20): Public Park

Can the photos promote my group or business? Sure. Feel free to do so. Just be respectful.

Who is donating gift cards and race entries for the drawing? Please check out our "Donors" page and support our donors. All prizes have been donated.

Can everyone see your identity in posting? That's your choice. When you register, you'll be asked for a "Posting Name." Be creative in choosing a name! Of course, you may still choose to use your real name. Your posting name will appear with your photos, along with where you took the photo and what category fits the photo. 

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